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Life is about giving back


You are well aware of your talent, have the necessary experience in the field and you are definitely prepared for seizing the right opportunity that would make a difference in your career. Yet, it just so happens, that most of the time, you so wonderfully and naturally fail in seizing it. The secret behind all this is to never loose sight of details. All sorts of details: what to wear or not on an audition, how to tell a story, how to act in front of camera, how to make a self-tape, how to train your voice, how to organize your CV, how to make a memorable showreel, how to have a great headshot, how to act naturally on-screen, how to learn your lines, how to prepare for an audition. Should we continue? Well, yes, there is much more.


Been there, done that! Some things are really worth mentioning.
And because I am proud or just happy, I would like to share this with you.
Enjoy!  I certainly did.


Ono on One! The best chance for you to show your potential. During the coaching sessions you will not be fighting with the director’s ideas but you will be given the opportunity to prove that you are the actor they are looking for. Sometimes, the right tricks or the adequate knowledge can tip the balance in your favor. Therefore, a casting director’s practice and experience will certainly make a difference in helping you solve common things, such as how to approach directors and casting or how to maximize a recall opportunity. Never fear to ask for advice if you want to take a step further in your career.